Water is alive | Autumn Peltier

The world has to listen to the Indigenous people. There is no other way. They are the last hope for the mankind.

Below is a excerpt from the speech given by Autumn Peltier, a 13-year-old Anishinaabe girl from Wikwemikong First Nation, at the United Nations last year about protecting water.

“I can’t stress enough what I have learnt about the water from my elders in the ceremonies. Many people don’t think water is alive and has a spirit. My people believe this to be true. There are studies now that proves this. We believe the water is sacred because we are born of water and live in water for nine months. When the water breaks, new life comes. But even deeper than that we comes from our mother’s water and her mother’s water and so on. All the original water flows through us from the beginning and all around us.”

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