Ajrakh Block-Printing in Khavda, Kutch.

The only family that still pursues Ajrakh Block-Printing in Khavda, Kutch.

“We are 3 families within a joint family, my uncles and my father started blockprinting as a tradition that was passed onto them from generations. We are the 7th generation. They stopped blockprinting 40 years ago and then started again, left it again and started it back… there was a lot of back and forth because pursuing blockprinting in our village is not easy. The water isn’t the best and doesn’t suit the dyes well, but we somehow manage, for this work defines our identity and heritage. We love working together in the family. Out of 30 families in our village who used to pursue Ajrakh Blockprinting, only we are still continuing the craft. There is a sense of responsibility on us and our kids, since we are determined to take forward the legacy, come what may!” @ Khavda

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